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M. Lucero is a writer from Charleston, SC, whose
heart dwells on the shores of Caribbean islands.

M. Lucero

He has written five complete novels and several short stories, as well as having won an online short story contest. He has written for RELEVANT Magazine’s website, and his book reviews once graced the pages of the Charleston City Paper and the Post & Courier. He recently received his BA in English from the College of Charleston, with a double minor in Geology and Southern Studies.

For over a decade he has lived in the Carolina Low­country, seduced by its creeks, rivers, and bays, the marshes that divide the mainland of Eastern America from the barrier islands of the Atlantic. These waters have haunted his mind, drawn him with their tidal pull, subtle yet irresistible. He feels the urge to write as very similar: something that lodges in his mind and renders him unable to concentrate on anything else for long until he has put words onto paper. His work excels at evoking atmosphere and mood, summoning a sense of memory where no memory exists.

He also offers freelance editing services, which you can read about here.