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7 thoughts on “Turning the Wheel:
An Enneagram Analysis of Lost

  1. This was so good. I really appreciated how it wasn’t the typical “they act like this and that’s why they’re that number” it’s silly but those kind almost make me angry sometimes because I feel like they’re so wrong. This had so much thought and intention and I agreed wholeheartedly with most of the typings and was surprised at some but after reading your reasoning I wasn’t pretty convinced. Thanks for the read! Thoroughly enjoyed it.

    P.s Almost cried that you typed Charlie as a two. He was always my diehard favorite character and I’m dominant in type two myself.

  2. It’s good but I don’t agree on a lot of point:
    1. Kate: I don’t see her as a 7, I don’t think she avoid pain at all, I think she acts like a two who needs to be loved. She helped everyone and killed to help her mother. I think she is a 2w3.
    Charlie: I may type him as a 6, because he struggle to trust people but can be very heroic in need. He doubted his self and was constantly asking others opinions. Loyal and empathetic…
    Juliette: 9w1 or 1w9. She is either too much judgemental or passive agressive.
    Jacob’s brother: he doesn’t want to be controlled or lied to. He is a 8w7.

    Kate is rather a 2w3 or an 8w7. She doesn’t want to be controlled either and she seems to have grown too quickly and can break all the rules to protect her people.

    1. Hey Sara, thanks for posting your thoughts! I definitely don’t see Kate as a Two. Taking care of people, a Two’s core drive, doesn’t seem to come naturally to her, to the extent that she leaves her marriage six months in due to her restlessness in a stable relationship, where a Two would feel perfectly at home. I have problems seeing her as an Eight as well. Being married to a female Eight myself, I have a hard time imagining an Eight being endlessly on the run like Kate is. An Eight might run initially just to give themselves the autonomy to process what they had done and the consequences of it — as Ana Lucia actually does — but I think they would eventually turn around and face the music, confronting their new reality head-on…on their own terms, of course! I can almost see Kate as a Six, maybe a counterphobic Six. She does seem to worry a lot about what will happen when she is caught or when the survivors get rescued, and seems to consider future eventualities. And while she does often rush headlong into danger, as a counterphobic Six would, she does tend to rely on leadership figures like Jack and Sawyer rather than trusting her own resources; whereas an Eight would tell both Jack and Sawyer, “Get out of my way and let me do this.” Which is why I also have a hard time seeing Charlie as a Six, since he doesn’t seem to have this doubt of his capabilities like a Six would. He wants to prove himself, but does so entirely relationally, in “taking care of” people, a phrase he uses repeatedly in “Homecoming.” I can, however, easily see Jacob’s brother as an Eight. And there is a connection between Fives and Eights, who share a line on the Enneagram. So maybe he’s a disintegrating Eight, which would go to Five (the type I assigned him) in an attempt to understand the world and thus gain more ability to exert control. You may be onto something there.

      1. Hello!

        Thank you for the feedback.

        Enneagram isn’t about behaviour, it’s about motivations, we all know that. The fact that Kate is running away in a situation when she is a fugitive is not that talkative, even less to attribute this to a 7 personality. A type 7 is all about pleasure and avoiding pain. I didn’t see this in Kate. I didn’t saw her either following Jack or Sawyer, how many time Jack referred to her as the one who doesn’t follow the lead ? How many times she went after poeple to rescue them? 2 and 8 also had an integrative line, think about it.

        Same with Charlie, I don’t think at all that he wanted to be needed, I think he needed to be rewarded for his loyalty, he wanted to be recognised and integrated. 6 are very helpful, loyal and courageous.

        Every thing is subjective and can be seen in different ways…

  3. A lot of great insights here. One question I have: when I originally watched Lost I thought Hurley was a nine. But upon a second watch I really see him as a 6. I never noticed before how he is afraid of everything, and he is really driven by his anxiety and fear. Whenever he talks to Jack it is about his fears. I think we forget how much 6s avoid conflict in an attempt to never lose favor with the group, to never disappoint. I think his fear is of abandonment more than a disruption to his peace. He is never peaceful. Just some thoughts.

    1. Thanks for the insights, Ben! I still think Hurley is a Nine, but I don’t think you’re wrong. Nines, after all, move to Six in times of stress, and every type can take on Six-like qualities in the wake of trauma. What’s telling to me is what Hurley is like in his calmer, more assured moments. He wants to preserve his mellow calm through avoidance of drama and an eye to group harmony. Compare that to Boone, who even in his less stressed moments still needs a leader figure, like Locke or his mother, to help him make choices, or Claire, who continually doubts her abilities.

      Just my opinion, though. Like I said in the article, there’s definitely room for interpretation!

      1. Good point! He really doesn’t need a leader unless he’s stressed out. I think you’re right, he’s probably a 9.

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