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2 thoughts on “Behind the Mask:
An Enneagram Analysis of the Star Wars Saga

  1. I believe that Anakin is a 2 with a strong 3 wing. He would disintegrate to a type 8 in stress which is exactly what happens when he goes to the dark side as Vader. They should be typed together and this link counters your thoughts on the poor character transition to Vader.

    Rey is more likely a 9w8. 9s fear of separation can look a lot like a 4s fear of abandonment. The difference is that as a 9, she lines up perfectly with her growth and stress points. Going to a 6 (clinging to her past) under stress and to a 3 (action) in growth.

    Hans Solo is more of a 7. 7s can be boastful like 3s, but their drive is different. I believe he seeks adventure and pleasure more than the desire to be the best like a 3 would.

    1. I agree with these assessments! Rey’s tendency to attach to parent figures mirrors a 9’s tendency to define themselves by other people. The 8 wing also exemplifies her lack of allowing people in, due to her past betrayal. She’s got armor now.

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