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4 thoughts on Yokai: The Folklore Roots of Pokémon”

  1. Hey! Great work! I’ve been chronicling Yokai inspired Pokemon maybe as far back as Red and Blue in the late 90’s. You definitely identified some I missed. Anyway, I wanted to alert you to Mew. With it’s ability “Transform,” I think it can be argued that it’s based on the Bake Neko, the shape-shifting cat Yokai. Speaking of which, Meowth is based on the … I can’t remember the Japanese, but the Lucky Cat with the coin on its head. However, I suppose this isn’t a Yokai.

    1. Thanks for the comment, Will!

      I hadn’t thought about Mew, but that’s a good catch.

      I think you’re thinking about Maneki Neko, the lucky beckoning cat. Another great catch!

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