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That one took a lot longer than I expected — including the four years between writing the original version, and the time it took to rewrite it. But it was worth it. To me, at any rate.

I rewrote it (and retitled it — the original was called Southern Skies) because I hadn’t been satisfied with the original form for a while. It was an interesting experiment, but it ultimately went nowhere, and by the time the year I wrote it in had ended, I had pretty much become a completely different person. I wanted to rewrite the story in a way that reflected the things I care about now, the struggles I’ve been through personally. I think I can say I managed to at least come close to doing that.

Thanks to Andrew Wunderley of the Charleston Waterkeeper, for help with questions on the rivers, wildlife, and pollution in the Charleston area. Their #WaterWednesday posts on Twitter also answered some of my questions during one week in April without me even having to ask them! The Waterkeeper is an important organization that monitors and advocates for the health and cleanliness of Charleston’s rivers. Support them if you can!

Thanks also to Jared Bramblett, an amazing Charleston area photographer, one of whose photo essays inspired another aspect of the story. Jared was kind enough to respond to my questions about his involvement with the Waterkeeper in their efforts to save Gadsden Creek. I’m also heavily indebted to the Friends of Gadsden Creek website and Instagram.

Thanks to Gil Jenkins, for providing details on the logistics and process of photographing a wedding, and all the background work that goes into it.

Devin’s quest to photograph dolphins strand-feeding, and her initial experience that provoked it, were based on something that actually happened to me; although I managed to capture more than just a tail disappearing into the water. My own photography, though, is nowhere near the professional level that Devin would have achieved.

I can’t deny that I owe at least a little to the television series LOST — although, honestly, not nearly as much as to the science fiction novels of C.S. Lewis.

Thanks for reading!

(If you haven’t read any of the story yet, you can start here.)

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